These are just a few examples of ways I have worked with companies in the past and present. For general inquires contact me here.

  • For original content creation 
  • For development projects
  • For social media content strategy 
  • For Research & Creative Development (focused reporting on cultural & market trends)
  • For Collaboration (on media & marketing projects)


  • research: SEO keywords & topics –
  • writing copy / blog articles
  • graphic design: web / print
  • video production: web
  • photography: web / print
  • content planning & strategy
  • campaign management

Things outside my scope:

Sometimes, in order to excel at some skills, you have to be willing to give up others, here are a few things outside my scope of ability.

  • build websites.
  • coding, scripting, or programming.
  • web analytics specialist in usability, design, architecture, or monetization.
  • 3-D graphics.
  • database management.